Placing Booms
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B0632161  2006 Schwing 32M placing boom.  
Near port for shipping.                      $58,000
Stationary Trailer Pumps
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T0688170  2006 Schwing BP8800HDD  
Excellent condition                 $170,000
T0180171  2001 Schwing BPA8000-18  
Ready to work, close to port      $89,000
T0214226 2002 Putzmeister BSF14000HP-D, Cat C-18
engine, good condition                                    $125,000
T0614224 2006 Putzmeister BSF14000HP-D.  8
in cylinders Cat C-18 engine, excellent condition
T9814223 1998 Putzmeister BSF 14000  8 in
cylinders                                          $145,000
B9832233 1998 Putzmeister MX 32/28
refurbished, radio remote, proportional controls.     
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T0314246 2003 Putzmeister BSA14000HP-D.  
Only 865 hours, ready to work        $165,000
T0421248 2004 Putzmeister BSA2110HD-P.  
Ready to go to work, well maintained.  $140,000
T0614249 2006 Putzmeister BSA14000HP-D
Well maintained, ready to go.  630 Horsepower  
T0414247 2004 Putzmeister BSA1400HP-D.  
Well maintained, ready to go.  630 horsepower    
Stationary concrete pumps are usually much larger and more powerful.  They are often used on high rise buildings
or jobs where concrete must be pumped for a long distance.  While truck mounted concrete pumps with booms
deliver from 700 to 1,100 PSI on the concrete, stationary concrete pumps can deliver more pressure, even up to
3,000 PSI.  Stationary concrete pumps can be used to pump concrete to nearly any height.  Concrete was pumped
by a Schwing Stetter concrete pump to a height of 715M or 2,345 ft on the Parbati Hydro-electric project in India.  
In Dubai a Putzmeister stationary pump pumped concrete 606M to the top of the Burj Khalifa Tower
These stationary concrete pumps can be powered bu diesel engines up to 700 horsepower or by electric motors
Accessories for extending the reach of these stationary concrete
pumps include placing booms and mini placers.
Placing booms are booms identical to the booms on the truck
mounted mobile concrete pumps that are mounted on pedestals
which are attached to the building being constructed.  The placing
booms are self contained and are usually powered by an electric
motor, but can have a diesel engine.  Placing booms are operated
using a remote control connected to the boom or by a radio
remote. These booms can reach from 24M to over 40M.  Pacing
booms are connected to the stationary concrete pumps with pipe,
usually 5 inches in diameter, through which the concrete is  
pumped. We can ship your used concrete pump anywhere in the
T0409316 2004 Putzmeister BSA 1409.  Only 300
hours, located in Florida                           $40,000
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B0432367 2004 Putzmeister MXR32-4 placing
boom.  Excellent condition, well maintained              
B0834368 2008 Putzmeister MXR34-4 placing boom.  
Excellent condition, well maintained               $90,000
B0334413 2003 Putzmeister 34/38R Placing
boom with 2002 pedestal.  Ready to go  $84,000
B0734414 2007 Putzmeister 34/38R placing boom
with 2008 Pedestal.  Ready to go              $94,000
B0632415 2006 Putzmeister 32/36R Placing boom
with 2000 pedestal,  Ready to go               $82,000
T0314416 2003 Putzmeister BSA14000HP-D.  Perfect
condition, ready to work                                $145,000
B0534400 2005 Putzmeister MXR3/38Z placing boom.  
Ready to work                                                 $70,000
T0588399 2005 Schwing BP8800HDR180.  Great
condition, ready to go                               200,000