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Schwing 32M
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S9932104  199Schwing BPL1200KVM32XL
mounted on 1999 Mack. Good condition        
S9632105  1996 SchwingBPL1200KVM32XL mounted
on 1996 Mack                                                 $90,000  
S0632078  S006 BPL1200KVM32XLG
mounted on 2997 Mack.  Like new, price
includes delivery to Houston            $160,000
S9832072  1998 Schwing BPL1200KVM32XL
mounted on 1998 Mack.  Radio remote, current
boom inspection.                                   $85,000
S9632152 1996 Schwing BPL1200KVM32X
mounted on 1996 Mack. Good working condition,
close to port. Priced to sell                      $65,000
S0432144 2004 Schwing BPL1200KVM23XG
mounted on 2004 Mack. Excellent condition, delivered
to Port of Jacksonville                                   $140,000
S9932129 1999 Schwing BPL1200KVM32X  good
condition, ready to go                             $119,000
S0632131 2006 Schwing BPL1200KVM32XL mounted
on 2006 Mack. Excellent condition, under factory
warranty, make offer                                      $194,500
S0732163 mounted on 2007 Mack.  Low hours, like
new.                                                          $215,000
S0432156 2004 Schwing BPL2023-4KVM32XL
mounted on 2004 2004 Mack.Radio remote, Ready to
go, in Florida, close to port.                         $125,000   
S0232167 2002 Schwing BPL2023-4KVM32XL
mounted on 2002 Mack. Very clean, very good
condition.                                           $130,000
S0332172 2003 Schwing BPL2525H-5KVM32XL
mounted on 2003 Mack.  Excellent condition, well
maintained, delivered to port.                $145,000
S9232189 1992 Schwing BPL1200KVM32 mounted on
1993 Mack.  Owner operator, low hours, excellent
condition.                                                          $50,000
S0732212 2007 Schwing BPL20203-4KVM32XL
mounted on 2007 Mack.  Like new, close to port     
S9432218 1994 Schwing BPL1200KVM32XL
mounted on 1994 Mack.  Excellent condition,
well maintained, radio remote           $75,000
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