Concrete Pump For Sale

Concrete Pump For Sale

How To Choose The Ideal Concrete Pump For Sale

There are three main types of a concrete pump for sale today which includes a stationary pump, boom pump, and line pump. Sometimes, other than the model, there are other things to consider and the whole decision-making process may seem overwhelming. If you are considering getting a new concrete pump but you are skeptical about the first step to take, this article will outline some vital aspects to look out for before making your decision.

Sizes of Concrete Pumps

After you have decided on the type of concrete pump to buy, the next thing is to choose the size which suits your need or application. You ought to know the size that will be suitable for the type of job you will engage in. Are you using it for a commercial work or domestic jobs?

You will require a concrete pump that is capable of pumping a significant amount of water if you work on commercial sites. You should consider a machine capable of pumping 120+ cubic meters (M^3/h) to handle this massive volume concrete pours.

However, you will require a machine that is capable of producing 80-90 M^3/h if you work on domestic sites.

So, you only have a few more decisions to make once you know the type of work you will use the concrete pump for and the kind you want.

Price and Quality

There different quality and cost associated with the concrete pump for sale but most importantly, you will want to but the one with the excellent condition. There are significant advancements in the field of concrete pumping machinery. Some of these improvements include carbon fiber technology which implies that your machine is much lighter on the road.

Most of the manufacturers of concrete pump use similar technology and quality; for this reason, your decision-making processes should not be influenced by brand names. When selecting a suitable quality concrete pump that will offer you value for money, definitely consider the price but also take note of the repair and after-sales services, you will receive, the technical support you will obtain for the lifespan of the machine and the spare parts you will receive. Since the market is very competitive, do comparative research on the after sales services and quality.

After Sales Services

You have to ensure that you receive as-required or periodic repairs and maintenance made on your machine by its supplier or manufacturer whether during or even after the warranty has expired. The essential thing you will require after buying your concrete pump is back up or support from the manufacturer when needed. This after-sales services will give you peace of mind.

Technical Backup

Look for a manufacturer that provides efficient and quick technical support when required and has field expertise. Inquire as many things as possible from your supplier to support your decision to purchase from them.


Mainly, before you buy your ideal concrete pump for sale, you should inquire if the machine you have selected has a driver's permit. If it doesn't, you will need to get one by going through the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator before registering the vehicle. Early registration is essential since the process can take longer than three weeks.


Concrete Pump For Sale

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Concrete Pump For Sale Concrete Pump For Sale

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