Used Concrete Pumps

Used Concrete Pumps

Should You Rent A Used Concrete Pump Or Buy One?

Most contractors that use concrete pumps don't actually have one. They depend on rental companies when they need to use concrete pumps and other heavy machinery. While renting a used concrete pump is a good idea, you can save a lot of money by buying one in your company's name instead. Renting a used concrete pump is only a good idea when you are not yet sure how frequently you will need the equipment. You can rent one if you only need it occasionally and return it after use. However, if your company depends on concrete pumps a great deal, you may want to consider owning one as opposed to renting one. Learning about the benefits of buying a concrete pump and comparing it to renting will help make a well-informed decision.

Benefits Of Buying A Concrete Pump

1) Saves Money

Renting a concrete pump can be as high as $6000 daily depending on the size of the pump. Imagine a situation where you need a pump for up to three weeks on a roll. You'll spend about $126000 on renting the pump. This is assuming that the project is completed within the specified time and there are no delays. Buying your pump will also save you money on overhead costs, energy, and manpower. The energy and human resources that would have been spent on transferring concrete manually can be redirected to other parts of the projects.

2) Increased Accuracy

The process of pouring concrete in a given location is far more accurate when you use a concrete pump as compared to when your pour manually. This especially applies to pouring concrete in locations that are hard to reach like foundation slaps, insulated walls or high-rise buildings. Using a concrete pump, rented or purchased, can ensure minimal wastage of material resources during construction. It is a more convenient option as opposed to manually mixing concrete and pouring it into the required location. Concrete pumps can reach places that other equipment cannot reach.

3) Increases Speed

The speed of work in a construction site can be improved significantly when a concrete pump is used. This is because concrete pumps make pouring faster and simpler. Also, because of the accuracy involved in pouring, less time is spent on correcting mistakes.

4) Less Water Consumption During Construction

When concrete pumps are used, the amount of water that will be consumed during construction will reduce dramatically. This is because compared to other mixing and pouring techniques, concrete pumps do not crack or shrink when in use.

5) Weather Resistant

No matter the weather condition, you and your construction team will not need to worry about pouring concrete. This is because concrete pumps are big, strong and can't be affected by weather conditions.

The Verdict

Now you know the importance of using a used concrete pump. You are left with the options of buying or renting one for construction purposes. The answer lies in the use of the pump. If you use pumps regularly, then it will be wise to buy one for your company. While this may seem expensive upfront, it is cheaper in the long run. Renting a concrete pump is not encouraged when your company depends heavily on mixing concrete. You should only rent when you don't usually use it but require it for a particular project.


Used Concrete Pumps

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Used Concrete Pumps Used Concrete Pumps

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