Used Concrete Pumps For Sale

Used Concrete Pumps For Sale

Guide To Buying Used Concrete Pumps For Sale

Buying used concrete pumps for sale can be an intimidating endeavor. There are many considerations to keep in mind. These factors can range from budget to pump type or brand and purpose of purchasing the pump. What is your intention of getting used concrete pumps for sale? Do you plan to use it for business? Here some considerations for people who want to buy used concrete pumps for sale:


What's your budget plan for the purchase of the pump? Where will you receive the funds to buy the pump? If you already have the money, then your budget range should be between $25,000 to $200,000 if you want to make the purchase. If you don't have the money yet and you need a loan, you can get a loan at your local Credit Union or bank, an equipment leasing or financing company. The seller can also finance the purchase of the pump truck or you can get a loan from a government small business loan or family and friends.


Do you have enough clients to make a profit already? Do you have a market for the concrete pump in your location? How many concrete pumping companies are in your area? Do the concrete foundation contractors, builders, and concrete floor contractors within your region know you? Ensure you have work lined up in your business location before buying a used pump.

Type of Concrete Pump

What type of pump will you buy? This will ultimately depend on the nature of your market and how much cash you have or can get. A used trailer pump will cost you less but will limit the scope of your business to only smaller slabs, basement floors, and pool decks. Also consider purchasing the concrete hose, connecting the concrete hoses and dragging them around, before breaking them down, and cleaning them out them keeping them in your pump truck daily. Used boom pumps will mean spending more money. However, it will offer you an opportunity to do more pumping jobs. The minimum length you will want to consider is 28 meters/92 feet. The length of a standard boom pump is 32 meters/105 feet. There are countless boom sizes larger, about 70 meters. Purchase only what is within your budget and still make profit from.

Pump Brand

If you ask any individual in the pumping business, they will know what brand to use. Otherwise, why would they not be using what they have recommended? There are many brands of pumps available for years. It is essential to get a brand that is renowned for many years of service. You know you will be able to get pump spare parts, and accessories as well as technical assistance easily if you stick with the popular brand.

What To Charge

It is essential to call around your area to determine what your competitor's charges are. That is what the market will pay. Charge similar rates, maybe slightly lesser. Your reputation is the key reason why contractors will call you since your rate is fair. Gradually raising your price following the first few pumping contracts won't get you a lot of callbacks.


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Used Concrete Pumps For Sale Used Concrete Pumps For Sale

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